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Ventless Fireplace Inspection In Huntsville AL

Ventless Fireplace Inspection Service In Huntsville AL

A ventless fireplace system is designed to heat the room. It doesn’t require a chimney to run and can be installed easily anywhere. Although ventless fireplaces keep your living space warm during cold weather, they’re considered quite dangerous.

The unburnt combustion produces residues and gases that can affect your health. For instance, it produces carbon monoxide and reduces oxygen levels in the home. Also, the water vapor released during combustion can lead to mold growth, damaging your ceilings, cupboards, etc.

Therefore, ventless fireplace inspection in Huntsville AL should not be ignored.

Get Reliable Fireplace Inspection by Trusted Fireplace Inspectors

A ventless fireplace in your home can expose you to various health risks. Therefore, it’s advised to opt for our ventless fireplace inspection services to make your home a safe place to live.

Our home inspectors thoroughly check the ventless fireplace to ensure that the oxygen detection sensor is placed in the fireplace and is functioning properly. The oxygen detection sensor is a device installed in the ventless fireplace that shuts down the appliance in case of a decrease in oxygen levels. In case of any faults, damage, or poor functioning of the device, our home inspectors immediately raise a red flag.

We also operate in Northern Alabama, Northeast Alabama, and surrounding areas.

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